Dynamic Collective of skilled Arizona Artists

Our Story

We are Fox Den Contrivance.

The Story:

It all began when Nate started weekly craft night. The idea was that we’d be more motivated to work on our own projects if there were others around doing the same. One day it hit Nate: he has all these talented friends who deserve to have their work appreciated by the world. Since most of us are the shy artist types that don’t know how to market or network for ourselves, Nate, being the charismatic extrovert of the bunch decided to start Fox Den Contrivance. He built a workshop and started networking and coordinating like crazy to help his friends flourish. 

And now:

We aren’t exclusive though others are welcome. We are in the business of promoting and supporting artists who want to sell their art but do not have the desire or ability to bring it to market themselves. Our clever foxes bring our collective wares to live vending events, local business boutiques and store fronts, and provide an e-commerce platform to sell online as well.

Interest in selling your art with Fox Den?

Getting your art to market is often the hardest part. Let us help.

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